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RESITRIX is an easy and simple way to ease the installation of a waterproof construction of flat roofs. It is an all-purpose extremely durable waterproofing membrane that guarantees ultimate effectiveness and efficiency.


This is ideal for beneath roof gardens, living roof systems, and flat roofs. It is a heavy-duty waterproofing membrane that has been created specifically for roof gardens. It also has a glass-reinforced membrane with an EPDM core. Furthermore, the roof is covered with a self-adhesive polymer, and it is wielded to the roof, which enables the rubber to move in parallel with the roof itself. Our promise to you is that this bond does not tear, and a 20-year guarantee is provided with the full-bond RESITRIX.

Partial Bond RESITRIX

A partial-bond RESITRIX is useful for roofs that contain residual moisture, and are susceptible to movement. It is partially self-adhesive, and it is a heat-weldable waterproofing membrane. This allows the roof to have equalisation of pressure. When you are needing a bond to restore your roof, this is a great option. There are many advantages of this bond including it has no shattering effect and it is 100% rot proof. Plus, when it is fitted, it does not shrink after an amount of time, and it is fully recyclable.

Why Choose RESITRIX?

The purpose of waterproofing membranes is to protect your roof against all weather conditions, as well as preventing moisture, and it provides water tightness. RESITRIX does the same as waterproofing membranes as it protects your roof from damage. It does not matter what the building is, RESITRIX works on most flat roofs. It could be a new-build roof, a commercial roof, a construction roof, or a garage, RESTRIX is effective.

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