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Roofing Felt Available from Our Company in New Malden, Surrey

Roofing felt is a popular choice for many homeowners, landlords, and business owners as it shields your roof from extreme weather conditions. This material works for many roofs, but it is particularly effective for flat roofs. Based in New Malden, Surrey, get in touch with us to find out how this material could protect you roof and save you money.

Roofing Felt – The Advantages

This material is sought-after because it acts as a barrier between the wood sheathing of the roof and the final roof materials. When you are looking for a product that protects your roof from snow, rain, and wind and is durable, felt roofing is an excellent choice. During construction, it is recommended that you add a layer of felt between the structure, the roof decking, and the roof shingles as this helps to create a long-lasting roof.

Traditional Felt

At our company, we use traditional felt which is created from glass fibre. The reason of why we use this material is because it enhances the appearance of you roof as well as disguising any uneven areas on it.

Why Should You Choose Felt Roofing?

There are many benefits of felt roofing including:

  • It Repels Water
  • Provides Extra Protection in The Event of Ice and Water Damage 
  • Provides Extra Weather Protection 
  • Protects the Roof Deck Throughout Instruction
  • Improves the Look of the Roof 
  • Prevents Wood Resin Stains

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